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First, my end of things:

What you're allowed to do )

ADDITIONAL NOTES: And now, your end of things:
What I'm allowed to do )
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Player Information

Name/Alias: Lee

Email/GChat: fractaldawn@gmail.com

AIM: fractaldawn

May we post and/or link your application for others to see as an example in the future? Yes

Character Information

Character Name: Lois Lane

Canon: Man of Steel (2013 film)

Canon Point: Post-film; no previous game information.

Character Journal: turnedenoughstones


The application )
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Name: Lee
Contact: AIM/gtalk: fractaldawn; journal: inlovewithwords
Age: 21+
Current characters: None

Name: Lois Lane
Canon/Medium and Canon Point: Man of Steel (DC Universe film)

History: Wikipedia
Previous Game History: None

World History: (no need to go into excessive detail; just give us an overview of the type of world your character hails from.)
Personal History: (This is where we like excessive detail. Tell us your character's story!)
Appearance/played by: (pretty self-explanatory. If you've chosen someone to play your character, tell us who they are -- but that doesn't mean you should skimp on the rest. Your character has a style, right? Some defining features? We want to know.)]

Personality: (no word counts here; just tell us about your character and use as much as needed.)
Strengths/Weaknesses: (self-explanatory, I hope. This includes more than just physical strengths and weaknesses, though they are certainly part of it.)
Supplies: (What does your character have on them when they arrive? This is limited to what can be reasonably be carried and does include weapons when applicable.)

First person: (A sample of how your character would post to the network. Maybe be audio, video, or text. Try to include 5-10 sentences of actual dialogue/text from the character. This can be recycled from other applications.)
Third person: (3-5 paragraphs (or more!), third person prose. NPCs may be involved, but the focus should be your character and his/her thought processes, motivations, etc. This can be recycled from other applications.)
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Man of Steel Lois is from a spankin' new rendition of a canon with far, far too much history. Balancing these things is hard. One of my general concerns is that I am inheriting voice and play traits from post-Crisis/pre-Flashpoint comics or Smallville especially which are unsuited to her MoS!variant. Give me a heads up here.

Also, until I have her journal nicely organized, to get hold of me just PM this journal. I am also available via AIM (fractaldawn). No, I do not have Plurk.


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